Project Description
A componsant Word to create documents based on TFS WorkItem. Registration model, change management, updating WI TFS from Word.

TFW project is born from the envis generate Word documents with TFS work items. Although paying products exists and allows this handling certain constraints you exist in this fee-based product.
  • Add by simple clicks attachments of type image.
  • override the document with the contents of other items of work items
  • ...

Team For Word to easily generate documents qualities based on a reliable system is Team Foundation Server (version 2008 or 2010). Some believe that this feature remains at the level of functional specifications but TFW is thought to interact further with TFS.
Existing functions today:
  • Connection to TFS 2008 (2010).
  • Adding one or more property of an item of work in the Word document.
  • Notification of the changed items in the document.
  • Notification of items changed on the TFS server.
  • Publication of all or part of the modification made in the document.
  • To update the document with changes from the server.
  • Pre-defined in TFS query execution.
  • Modification of the TFS server or project in the document properties.
  • Creating a work item.
  • Create formatting model.
  • Inserting template formatting.
  • Editing a block of data by the content of another element of travail
  • Opening a WI from the action panel
  • Management of the iteration and area
  • Improved management of differences between the document and TFS
  • Adding synchronization boxes identical document

  • Management of test results
  • synchronisation of the step

For more information please view the video:

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